11th July 2016

East Street Early Years & our Trustees

In 1998 a community development led to the formation of Grimsbury Family Association (GFA), to meet local community needs in the Grimsbury and Castle ward of Banbury. It proved to be a popular asset to the local community and become a registered charity in August 2001 (Reg. No 1087801). In June 2018, have celebrated 20 years of success and reflecting on the strength of the ‘East Street’ name, the setting rebranded as East Street Early Years (ESEY). At the same time took the opportunity to incorporate the charity under this new name (Reg No. 1178705), with Ofsted registration for ESEY being granted in July 2019 (URN 2542792).

East Street Early Years is run by a Board of Trustees made up of parents, friends of the charity and representatives from different professional groups. As a registered charity we rely upon our volunteer trustees to provide oversight, governance, leadership and direction to ensure the ESEY is run in accordance with its constitution, charities law and wider legislation. Our trustees also oversee our compliance with the broad range of regulations and obligations which come with being a registered early years provider.

Our trustees are:

Current Trustees

    • Rachel Gallyot (Chair)
    • Amy Rogers (Vice Chair and Safeguarding lead)
    • Sam Walden

Incoming Trustees

  • Anne Eden
  • Tom Imison
  • Claire Spendley
  • Lorraine Squire